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Project Management Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Project Management Plan - Essay Example Presteigne is a small town which is right at the border of Wales and England. This formulates a virtue for its relative isolation. The fact that it is situated between England and Wales makes it a strategic town because both England and Wales will want to contribute to its development and gain from it. The transformation of Presteigne town into a technology city will not only help to strengthen the ties between Wales and England but it will also help in the creation of over 60,000 jobs in the first phase of the project and over 200,000 other in the completion of the project. Since Presteigne is secluded from the modern world it has maintained a great deal of ancient relics of both Wales and England and hence the museum which will be built in the city will also go a long way in preserving the relics and putting them on display for everyone to see. The project will be completed in both phases the first phase will be the longest taking 6 years and the second phase will require 5 years f or completion. By phase one’s completion, the following objectives must have been met: a science and technology square, a commerce process outsourcing center, intercontinental finance center an ancient relic’s museum, tourism amenities, a top notch research center and other basic social utilities such as schools churches malls and the like. The completion of this phase will be accompanied by a creation of over 60,000 job opportunities for citizens of both England and Wales the second phase will only be a polishing up of the facilities and the establishment of other multinational companies in the city. At its completion around 200,000 jobs will have been created with the highest percentage coming from the science and technology square. Assessment of the project environment For expediency of a project, its environment must be considered might be considered. The considerations of the environment are done in the perspectives of the project period environment, the interior project mores, the commercial culture, and the exterior societal environs when a consideration of the internal and external factors that might influence the project was done, the following was established. The factors external to the project included political interference, demonstrations by the town’s residents, remoteness of the town and also the unavailability of building materials in the town. The internal factors included leadership techniques and organizational charter which was espoused for the project and the management of the funds of the project since the project was running on a limited budget and there were numerous risk factors that surrounded the project. Project organization If it is possible, a project ought to be seen through by an incorporated squad comprising of the client squad, specialist consultants, constructors and professional contractors functioning jointly as a unitary squad. To attain a thriving incorporation of synchronized numerous activities; th e activities must be clustered. Clustering effect is a "chaining" or "networking" activities based on recognizing criterion: practical technology, ordinary clientele, geographical vicinity, the manufacturing procedure, etc. Gareis (2004) and Thiry and Deguire (2007, p. 652) recognized three main factors that can improve organizational structure of any project and these factors include: 1. Horizontal incorporation progression of projects in the artefact’

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