Friday, September 27, 2019

Living Conditions of Immigrants in America Today Research Paper

Living Conditions of Immigrants in America Today - Research Paper Example America as a country, is made up mostly of the descents of immigrants from Europe, who moved to the Americas in search of greener pastures. However, the America of today is witnessing another group of immigrants mainly from the third world countries, and in search of a better life contrary to their countries of origin (Avenarius 34). This topic is important in the sense that, while immigrants contribute significantly to the economy of the United States, their plight often go unnoticed at the expense of the bonafide citizens. While there are immigrants who are lucky to discover their dreams in this land of abundant opportunities, others find themselves in dire situations. The world today faces the impact of globalization and the economic crunch that has hit countries across the world including the developed countries such as the United States. As a result, the life of many Immigrants in America is not that rosy as perceived by relatives back in the country of origin. Many immigrants today in America, has to engage in more than one job to sustain both their needs and those of relatives back home. In terms of seeking employment, immigrants in America today faces a milestone since unemployment is widespread, and there is competition for the better job opportunities. On the same note, most immigrants are either semi-illiterate or illiterate and often find themselves looking for menial jobs. Further, most of immigrants in America mainly work in farms, restaurants, factories or any other job that does not requi re professional skills. This makes their living condition a challenge as a result of the meager wages they receive in their places of work. As consequent, most immigrants find themselves unable to afford decent accommodation or housing and healthcare (Conard 163). On another note, most citizens from other countries are often ignorant about the kind of life they may experience in another country. In the developing or third world countries, moving or migrating to the developed world is seen as a way of escaping poverty and other societal challenges common in the developing world. As a result of expecting heaven when immigrants move to a developed country, they end up exploited by rogue employers who underpays their services. This is a challenge for immigrants in America today since, most of these immigrants cannot protest for an improvement of wages. The main reason why most immigrants are unable to challenge employers for better working conditions and wages is because of being in the country illegally. The proper channels to seek work permit or permanent citizenship is involving and some of these immigrants often end up deported back to their countries of origin. To avoid deportation, most immigrants prefer remaining silent about their status as they continue to suffer from exploitation from rogue employers or unscrupulous business persons (Chip 48). Further, to make ends meet, immigrants in America often find themselves engaging in illegal dealings to earn more money to sustain their living and significant others. While most of these immigrants are innocent, they often end up in American prisons or deported to their countries of origins where some may face incarceration. The United States as a country, is considered the world’s number one economy and this means that government offers better social, economic and political structures for its citizens. However, most immigrants often find themse

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