Sunday, February 2, 2020

Freedom Fighter or Terrorist Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Freedom Fighter or Terrorist - Research Paper Example Many resistance organizations have been put on the official list of terrorist organizations of the United States and among these are Hezbollah and Hamas. Among Palestinians, members of these organizations are considered to be freedom fighters who are fighting for the liberation of their homeland. Hezbollah and Hamas have been fighting against Israel for decades and this has mainly been because of Jewish occupation of lands that are believed to be legitimately Palestinian. As a result, these organizations have come to gain a reputation of being the only legitimate defenders of Palestinian interests in a world which many Palestinians believe has abandoned them. Hezbollah is based in Lebanon and has been an active participant in the affairs of this country for decades as a representative of the Shia sect. with massive funding from Iran, this organization has been able to develop an armed wing which is extremely competent and has managed to hold its own against the far superior Israeli a rmy (Saad-Ghorayeb 168). This can be attested through its performance in the 2006 Israel-Lebanese war where Hezbollah played a significant role in ensuring that the Israeli military did not get a foothold in Lebanon. In some cases, Hezbollah has been praised for ensuring that, according to some analysts, that the war became so costly for Israel that it had to withdraw from Lebanon. It was after this war that Hezbollah’s credibility within Lebanon in the twenty first century was firmly established in the political sphere where this organization has become an active participant. While Hezbollah is still considered to be a terrorist organization by some western states, especially the United States, it has managed, through its popularity, to successfully field candidates in Lebanese elections. A result of its involvement in politics has been

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