Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Perfact reflection for a refer dissertation Essay

Perfact reflection for a refer dissertation - Essay Example I discovered I have poor time management skills because of the fact that I was unable to fully adhere to the time schedule that I had set for myself and in most cases I was forced to carry forward certain tasks beyond the deadline that I had previously set. I should great strengths in regards to records keeping and management since I was able to refer back easily to all the records that I had collected before starting to write the dissertation. Secondly, I showed great strengths in handling people since none of the respondents was harsh to me or refused to cooperate. This showed that I knew how to convince people and engage them in conversation up to the point they willingly agree to participate in my research project. The main problem that I encountered was limited secondary resources that directly touched on my research topic or objectives. This is to say that the number of scholarly books and articles that touched of personal selling and in stores, sales of Blackberry in stores that are located in China were not easily available. The lack of scholarly books and articles that directly covered my dissertation topic or objectives did not discourage me, but rather it confirmed that my research project was unique and it was bound to help in building the body of knowledge in marketing studies. That said, I solved the problem by relying on scholarly books and articles that indirectly touched on the subject, for example sources that touched on direct marketing and personal selling were completely relevant and useful. Secondly, I applied the use of internet sources from credible sites that touched on my research topic directly or indirectly, these sources helped to bridge the gap caused by limited scholarly books and articles. The methodology that I chose incorporated the application of both primary and secondary research, which validated the research findings in the sense that secondary data were used to validate

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