Thursday, October 17, 2019

Three negative impacts of Parental divorce on children in Contemporary Research Paper

Three negative impacts of Parental divorce on children in Contemporary China - Research Paper Example The number of separations and divorces is still less than the United States but the marked difference is becoming less day by day. And the impact it has on Chinese children is pretty bad. They feel inferior to everyone else all of a sudden and cannot help but think that they have a broken family even if their parents ended it at the best of terms1. The Government of China has certain rules that everyone has to follow and one of them is the famous one child policy. If the one child of the family loses the only family he has ever known, it crushes him completely. This is one of the greatest negative impacts that take place, which he has, no sibling to share the scenario with. Most parents fight but get back together because they have various children and find sense and compassion in one of them, enough to patch things up. This is not possibly here because all alone; the child faces the worst of the deals and often and understandably so thinks that no one can understand what he is going through. Even though divorce is not uncommon in China anymore, it is still somewhat not an acceptable thing in society. To escape from the prying eyes and the pinging gossiping sessions, more often than not the parent moves away to another country. Usually it is the parent with who the child remains, through a custody settlement. This also has a negative impact on the young one. Leaving behind everything they ever know, they become accustomed to the new world, often feeling incomplete and hopeless. The reverse effect can also take place. Sometimes no one moves anywhere and the child has to face a lot of discrimination amongst the peers and the society because it is still an unacceptable trait in a lot of areas of China. Chinese people are usually very family oriented and have a fixed set of ethics and values, even in these times where such things are rarely found. It is

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